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Astrid Jansen, Foxdale Farm owner and operator

Owner and Operator Astrid Jansen. I had always wanted to go into agriculture. In 2001 I purchased a property that happened to have some olive trees on it, and I started taking classes at UC extension in how to grow and mill olives. I learned that the varieties of olives produced by the trees that were already planted on the property were best suited for the table, so I replanted the orchard with olives better for oil. That was in 2003. I started milling in 2005. The best part of milling is seeing a big smile on a grower's face when the oil comes out of the high-speed centrifuge.

Award-winning olive oil, California Mid-State Fair, 2010

Quality Work. You can't make world-class oil out of poor-quality olives. The growers do a terrific job of caring for their orchards, and it's our responsibility to mill their olives into quality oil. Over the years we have milled many prize-winning olive oils, including Best-of-Show and Best-of-Class not only at the California Mid-State Fair in nearby Paso Robles, but also at the Yolo County and Los Angeles County Fairs, two of the three largest olive-oil competitions in the world.

View of Foxdale Farm's olive orchard

The Orchard. Our orchard is located near Templeton, California, in northern San Luis Obispo county. This region of California has the right weather and soil to produce very high quality olives. We planted 1,000 trees of Italian varieties in 2003, on our twenty-six acre farm.

We have Extra Virgin Olive Oil (XVOO) for soap and candle-making, in bulk. Our Gourmet Olive Oil is current year harvest.

View of Foxdale Farm's olive orchard

Our Mill. Foxdale Farm is a full service custom olive oil mill. We take care of all your milling needs with our 4.5 tons per hour Pieralisi 2 phase state of the art mill. Each batch is milled with individual attention to get the best quality and highest yields possible. We welcome you to come see us.

Organization Memberships. We belong to the Central Coast Olive Growers, San Luis Obispo County Farm Bureau, and the California Olive Oil Council.

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Executive Assistant Teddy Head of Security Odin Executive Assistant Teddy
Head of Security Odin

Teddy (left) and Odin are two essential staffers at Foxdale Farm.

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